Hi Preston:

It was a pleasure to meet you!

We had a wonderful camping trip with the teardrop as we returned home over 5 days after seeing you.  I’ve enclosed some pics.  The only time we noticed a negative change in mpg was during a strong headwind encountered on I-70 east of Grand Junction.  Otherwise, our CRV continued to get its usual 24-28 mpg.

I now have the little fella stored in my parent’s garage for the winter as our neighborhood does not allow storage of even smallish campers, RVs, etc on the streets or alleys.  Really looking forward to next camping season!

Warm regards,

Dan and Melinda -Colorado

Have been under the weather for about 3 weeks and finally got out for my first hiking of the season. Worked like a charm. Wish I had it 10 years ago. You do nice work Preston.

William B. -Arizona

Preston: The trailer works great and my wife is going to use it later this month when she visits a friend at an amphibious car rally in northwestern Ohio. Thanks for a great product and the use of your mountain bike.

Duran -Kentucky

We just got back from a 12 day road trip to Canada and the trailer was awesome. One night I actually forgot I was camping. I hit the wall and thought that’s not my bedroom wall, oh yeah I’m in the camper!!!! So needless to say we were comfortable. We really enjoy our trailer and it makes camping fun instead of painful! I’m so happy we found you. With our trip to Canada it already paid for itself by not making us stay in hotels or on a crummy air mattress and waking up every morning mad and stiff. Again, Thanks!

Jackie -Utah

Hi Preston,
First, I want to tell you how much Barb and I enjoyed camping in our teardrop on our last trip on US Route 89. After we picked it up in Logan, we drove to Grand Teton National Park where we spent three nights. The temperatures dipped into the 30′s at night but we were as snug as two peas in a pod. (In fact, that is the nickname that Barb has given to the trailer—The Pod.) Everywhere we stop, people remark about how good looking it is and I have directed a few interested people to your website. I have added your listing to the Sponsor page on the US Route 89 website. Take a look and let me know if it is OK. We are going to be coming to Salt Lake City next week for the opening of my show at Saans Gallery. We are doing an artist’s gallery talk on Thursday., October 16th, from 7 to 8 and then the official opening is on Friday, the 17th, during the Gallery Stroll. On both evenings we are going to park the Pod on the street in front of the gallery to attract attention to the show. Take care and I hope to see you next week.

Jim -Arizona

We made it thru our trip and the trailer’s maiden voyage just fine. On the first day we went from Logan Utah to a campgrounds new Bryce Canyon. We ran into a heavy snow storm while we were in the mountains. The trailer gave us no worries and pulled beautifully. I am attaching a photo of our first camp site. Our trip with the trailer was from Logan to Bryce Canyon, to Williams Arizona where we caught the train to the Grand Canyon and from there to the Ozarks in Missouri for a family reunion then back home to Iowa. Our first night it got down to 29 and we had frost on the trailer windows but we were very comfortable inside. We had a severe thunderstorm at the Ozarks but we kept nice and dry with no wet tent to have to worry about. I would have to say that we are very pleased with the trailer and look forward to our next opportunity to take it out for the weekend. You were right, we had a lot of people in the campgrounds stop to look at the trailer and ask us about it. Thanks again for the real quality build.

Steve and Dolores- Iowa

Preston and his family are wonderful. We immediately took a liking to them. We were very impressed that the trailer lived up to our fantasy and even looked better than we had imagined.

Lee and Kathy -Colorado

love it. got a new jeep liberty I run it on biodiesel, camped first time last weekend got 35 mpg, recycled grease. wife loves the tailer, cant go 20 miles without a comment, do you want more customers?
thanks and take care of the girls.

Kenny -Texas

I delivered your teardrop to Tennessee and had a brand new Corvette on my transport trailer as well. You would think people would be interested in looking at the Corvette, but everywhere I stopped I received multiple questions and compliments for the teardrop.

Jerry -Specialized Transport Systems -Colorado

I absolutely LOVE my trailer. It was a dream to tow. My husband said it was a great job and since he built our house he’s SUPER tough on carpentry. He said he couldn’t make it for that price so it was the best investment I could have made on a trailer!!! Hope the rest of your vacation was enjoyable, we had a real blast ourselves. I’ll be in touch very soon. My best to you and your lovely family.

Lynne -Connecticut

Our first trip with the trailer went well. We stayed in it at Deadhorse Point on Saturday. The teardrop seemed to generate much interest, people had all sorts of questions. Towing was very easy. I noticed almost no decrease in my fuel economy. We are looking forward to equipping it to our liking and putting it to good use. I am very impressed with your craftsmanship. You might consider labeling your teardrops with your name or initials and date made in a discrete place. My sister, who works at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston said – it is a work of art – you should get it signed. Good luck with your building endeavors.


Rick -New Mexico

You are a pleasure to work with, and I will feel really good about recommending you to those who ask me about the teardrop.

Rick -California