How much does this teardrop weigh?…..the base model weighs 700 pounds (+/- 20 pounds)

How long will it take to build my teardrop?…..the build time is four to six weeks on average depending upon the options you select. The time may also be slightly longer if there are scheduled builds ahead of yours. Email me for a solid estimate.

Are teardrops easy to pull?…..very easy. This teardrop is no wider than your vehicle and pulls like you have two large men in the back seat. It has been claimed that a motorcycle can pull a teardrop. I don’t doubt this claim at all, because my six year old daughter can move it around the driveway by herself. However, I would recommend a four cylinder car as a minimum.

What do I need to register the teardrop in my State?…..this question is different for every State and can be very tricky depending upon who you deal with at your local DMV and what day of the week it is today. We can hardly blame them, we all have our moments. This being said, Utah code does not require any type of title or registration for trailers under 750 pounds (41-1a-202-2h). Thus, I will supply you with a bill of sale and be in compliance with Utah State law. Other States mimic Utah law, while some States nearly require a personal note from the President of the United States concerning the transaction. I implore you to check with your local DMV and obtain the written procedures or guidelines used to register this trailer. This is the only part of the process that can be difficult. As always, I will do as much as I can to assist you, but I can only do so much from a distance. If you have any doubts about the information you have received from your DMV, please select the “Title/VIN” option when pricing your teardrop build, as this will allow for the smoothest possible registration in your State.

Are teardrops comfortable to sleep in?…..your teardrop will be as comfortable as the type of mattress you choose to install in the cabin. I personally use a four inch foam mattress and sleep like I’m on my Serta!

Are teardrops hot in the summer/cold in the winter?…..this depends upon where you spend summer and winter, but heat issues can be greatly minimized by parking in the shade and selecting the roof vent option. In the summer, I crack my roof vent and windows to allow the heat to rise out of the vent while improving air flow. In the winter I throw my -20 degree mummy bag in the cabin for my bedding and I never suffer long cold nights. I also use a “Mr. Heater” propane heater that quickly (three minutes) heats the cabin from 5 degress in January to t-shirt weather inside the teardrop!

How economical is it to pull a teardrop?…..I have only one measure of economy when it comes to pulling teardrops….gas mileage! I notice zero drop in gas mileage when I pull an empty teardrop, as I have done and measured while delivering to customers. My Isuzu Trooper is rated at 19 miles per gallon at highway speeds and this is exactly what I receive when I drive 65 mph or less. When I drive 75 mph the efficiency obviously goes down, but not below what it would be without the teardrop in tow. I realize that you don’t receive something for nothing. Thus, the only explanation I have is the teardrop delivers a favorable wind factor which reduces drag and thus compensates for zero net loss or gain in mileage. I have not tested this on other vehicles, but when compared to alternative travel trailers or RV’s I think the difference will be clear.

How do I start my teardrop build?…..simple. Send me an email and we will begin working out your build details.

Do you mind questions?…..absolutely not. Without questioning, we would all be mindless individuals without teardrops! I welcome your inquiries and love the innovative thought that often accompanies them. Please note, I choose everyday the environment in which I live and work. I build teardrops for most everyone who asks and I love meeting decent people and delivering them a quality product. I look forward to hearing your inquiries and working with you on your teardrop build!!!