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Labs and facilities

We use the latest technology

We have the high-tech infrastructure to lead the next generation of energy solutions. With more than 30 facilities and labs dedicated to energy-related research activities, our experts and students work with industry to tackle leading energy and sustainability challenges.

Energy-related labs and facilities:


ACE researchers deliver solutions for the energy section through advancing electric vehicle technology, automotive testing under solar loading, developing autonomous vehicle technology, and testing battery and power electronics performance in extreme conditions. 

Brilliant Energy Institute

The Brilliant Energy Institute contributes to Canada’s transition to a sustainable energy future and influences how Canadians utilize energy for daily life. 


Energy Research Centre (ERC)

Energy Research Centre (ERC)

ERC houses our unique-in-Canada education programs and leading-edge research in geothermal, hydraulic, hydrogen, natural gas, nuclear, solar and wind energy.

Sigma Innovation Lab

The Sigma Innovation Lab is a multi-purpose teaching and experiential learning facility in a technology-enriched environment. It features Virtual and Augmented Reality and provides hands-on learning with multi-disciplinary projects.

Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL)

CERL is an internationally recognized facility designed to research and develop heat engines, nanotechnology and, most notably, hydrogen-producing technologies for clean energy.

Wind and Geothermal Laboratory

In this laboratory, students perform experiments related to solar power and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. It is also used to investigate systems such as HVAC and wind turbine blades.