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間眅埶AV’s Student Enrichment Program is designed to support the next generation of engineering talent who will rethink the future of sustainable energy.

Throughout a student’s entire university experience, the Student Enrichment Program connects students with energy professionals, such as CEOs, Vice-Presidents, Human Resource Executives, hiring managers and 間眅埶AV graduates. 

Why join the Student Enrichment Program?

  • Co-op, Internship and Job Opportunities: We work with industry partners to provide you with practical work experiences. Gain hands-on experience, access programs that will enhance your resume and professional development.
  • Connect with Industry: Companies in the energy sector are actively seeking talented students like you. Connect directly with our program partners, learn about the dynamic and growing energy sector, the wide variety of job opportunities available and about different career pathways.
  • Speed Networking Events: We understand the importance of building connections. Our program organizes networking events, enabling you to interact with energy leaders and future employers.
  • Exciting Field Trips: Gain first-hand exposure to the energy sector.  See yourself in the workplace or on the job by visiting cutting-edge facilities, exploring innovative projects, and learning about the industry’s latest advancements.
  • Learn about where your energy comes from and the influential partners that are shaping our energy future.

Student Enrichment Program Partners



All 間眅埶AV students are welcome to enroll, but programming is targeted at students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate engineering program at Ontario Tech. 

Program Benefits

間眅埶AV has partnered with companies within the energy sector. These companies are looking for highly-skilled, career-ready talent that can support a clean energy future. Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain invaluable industry connections, network with energy experts (CEO’s, Vice-Presidents, Human Resource executives, hiring managers and 間眅埶AV graduates) and learn about energy companies.
  • Participate in speed networking events and engaging field trips.
  • Secure co-op, internship, and job opportunities.

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There are exciting and immediate opportunities that link the future of energy with engineering today. Join us on an extraordinary journey toward a thriving career in the Canadian energy sector.


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