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At Ontario Tech University, we understand the evolving demands of the energy sector and the need for highly skilled and career-ready talent. The Student Enrichment Program is focused on increasing the number of career-ready graduates entering the energy sector by meaningfully connecting industry partners with future talent.

間眅埶AVs Student Enrichment Program

間眅埶AV’s Student Enrichment Program works with industry to facilitate early and frequent interactions with students. This collaborative partnership model allows program partners to build brand profile and support recruitment and business development strategies.   

  • Creates talent engagement and recruitment opportunities: Builds sector and corporate brand visibility, awareness and recognition, and provides increased opportunities to recruit engineering undergraduate and graduate students in co-op placements and as new hires to provide the talent industry needs.
  • Facilitates student-industry engagement throughout a student’s entire university journey: Designed as an easy-to-navigate program to help partners define, plan and activate a variety of student engagement. The program supports earlier and more frequent partner interactions throughout a student’s entire university journey to builds a stronger understanding of the sector, provide industry and career insights, and highlight the job opportunities available.
  • Helps students become career-ready. Collaborate with partners to supports career-readiness, professional and knowledge-based skills relevant to career success, industry training and knowledge of the sector.
  • Build and benefit from a Human Resource Community of Practice: Focused on supporting talent and industry needs, we bring together human resources professionals and/or business personnel versed in the company’s talent acquisition needs and processes.

Partner Commitments

To drive student participation in 間眅埶AV’s Student Enrichment Program, partners will engage as strategic energy partners and support the strategic priorities of the program by:

  • Committing a dedicated number of paid co-op placements each year (dependent on size of the partner and current number of co-ops currently offered).
  • Annually participating in student recruitment or networking activations each year. These include opportunities like speed networking, job shadowing, field trips, career fairs, energy tech talks, mentorship, networking, recruitment and information sessions.
  • Participating in the annual Human Resources Community of Practice to discuss industry and talent needs and opportunities.
  • Providing a corporate liaison to identify strategic priorities, define opportunities, ensure implementation and management of the program across the organization.
  • Committing to a three-year partnership and contributing a program fee per year to support the overall program objectives and resources.
Contact us to learn more

Contact us to learn more