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Course Reserves

To ensure more equitable access to high-demand items, instructors or the library may place items "on reserve" or short-term loan in any 間眅埶AV library. “On reserve” items are physical or electronic items put aside, on behalf of an instructor, for shorter borrowing periods. Items can be designated as 3-hour loans, 1-day loans, or 3-day loans. Short-term loans are high-demand items made available by library staff for shorter borrowing periods. These items can be designated as 3-hour loans, 1-day loans, 3-day loans or 7-day loans.  

Only current Ontario Tech students, faculty, and staff can access Reserve material or short-term loans.

How to find an item on Reserve

If your instructor placed books or other materials on reserve in the Library, you can search for them using Omni Search on the Library’s homepage.

In the Omni search box, select Course Reserves from the drop-down menu, and search by course code, course name or instructor.  All this information is available on the course syllabus or outline, or in your MyCampus course schedule. You can filter results by course name or instructor.

 course reserves is found as the third option in the omni search drop down menu

For further assistance, consult with library staff at the Library’s Service Desk.


How to place an item on Reserve

You can place physical items (books, articles, DVDs/CDs) on reserve at any 間眅埶AV Library for a 3-hour, 1-day or 3-day loan period. You may place existing library materials on reserve, as well as your own personal materials. Scanning individual chapters (subject to copyright guidelines) and posting them for online access is also possible. Please direct any questions to the contact information below.

Please fill in a reserve request form. Please allow one week for the processing of reserve requests.

If you would like to order an item for reserve which is not a personal copy or is not in the Library collection, please submit your requests to our Subject Librarians.

Only current Ontario Tech students, faculty, and staff can access reserve material.


The Library’s Reserve system complies with copyright law. For more information regarding copyright issues, see the on the library's website.

Contact Information

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