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Standards and Codes


A standard is a document that outlines technical requirements for products, operations, practices, or methods. A code is a standard that has been enacted into law by a local, regional, or federal government. The Library provides access to standards and codes in support of teaching, learning, and research at Ontario Tech. This guideline outlines criteria and considerations for the management of the library’s collection of standards and codes.


Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are responsible for:

  • Selecting standards and codes for the Library’s collection that apply to their respective subject areas, in accordance with the parameters outline in this guideline
  • Liaising with faculty, students, and staff in their respective subject areas to identify existing and emerging needs
  • Reviewing, and assessing requests for additions to the collection
  • When applicable, recommending individual exceptions to this guideline for review and approval by the Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources
  • Deselecting materials when required for the continuous and regular maintenance of the collection
  • Participating in the regular review of this guideline, and making recommendations for changes as appropriate

Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources

The Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources is responsible for:

  • The development and maintenance of this guideline
  • Soliciting feedback from subject librarians on the parameters for collection development that are outlined in this guideline
  • Maintains the review schedule for this guideline, and ensures that it is adhered to
  • Receives requests for exceptions to this guideline through the subject librarians, and makes decisions regarding exceptions to this guideline
  • Presents this guideline to the University Librarian for approval

University Librarian

The University Librarian reviews and approves the Collection Management Guideline: Standards and Codes on the recommendation of the Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources.

Selection Criteria

The primary purpose for the Library’s collection of standards and codes is to support teaching and learning. A small budget is maintained for purchases of standards that support an individual’s research.

Selection criteria for curricular support

The Library purchases standards and codes that directly support course curricula, using the following parameters:

  • The standard or code is referenced in readings, assignments or other related coursework
  • The standard or code is licensed for dissemination
  • Electronic access is preferred over print; in cases where electronic access may not be licensed, print may be purchased
  • Purchases of standards should be made only when adequate budget is available

Selection criteria for research

The Library may purchase standards and codes that are requested by individuals, using the following parameters:

  • In general, requests for the purchase of standards or codes are limited to 1-2 requests per individual per academic year
  • The standard or code must be licensed for dissemination
  • Adequate budget must be available for the purchase

Additional considerations are made for:

  • The applicability of the standard or code to a wider audience

Deselection Criteria for Print Standards and Codes

Standards and codes are deselected when they no longer support the needs of the university. Items are identified for deselection based on the following considerations:

  • Outdated content and/or superseded editions
  • Multiple copies held in the print collection
  • Infrequent circulation and use
  • Online availability
  • Poor physical condition
  • Changing curricular requirements (E.g. program cessation)

Some standards are purchased through subscription services. These services require each standard to be renewed annually. When applicable, Subject Librarians will review and recommend whether individual standard subscriptions should be renewed.

Related Information

Review Period

This guideline will be reviewed annually on April 1.

Review History




21 February 2024


Catie Sahadath

AUL, Scholarly Resources

19 March 2024


Catherine Davidson

University Librarian


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