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Choosing a pre-law program

Interested in pursuing a career in law? There are many important occupations in the legal field available to you, most notably becoming a lawyer. Your first step to becoming a lawyer is earning  an undergraduate degree. 

Many law schools will accept a three or four year degree in any area of study. When it comes to choosing a pre-law program, pick an area of study that invites you to think deeply and expansively about law. This will give you a competitive edge by ensuring your law school application stands out. A thorough understanding of law will set you up for success in law school classes.

At Ontario Tech, we also offer several programs with courses, topics and skills-development that complement a career in law. These programs explore the role law plays in shaping our world, and teach you how to advocate for social justice: 

Hear from 間眅埶AV alumni Lauren Wade on how our Legal Studies program prepared her for law school:

Times Higher Education worldwide ranking of 間眅埶AV in the subject area of law

Pre-law degree support at Ontario Tech

While studying at Ontario Tech, you’ll have support along the way to help you achieve your career goals. Some of the resources available at our university to help you while earning your pre-law degree include:

Your path to becoming a lawyer

After choosing your pre-law program of study, you’ll want to research which law school you want to attend after you graduate. You can choose to study law anywhere in the world, but remember to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements of your top choice. 

If you want to stay in Ontario, check out this . Typically, you’ll need to: 

  • Have excellent grades in your pre-law degree.
  • Write and pass the .
  • Apply to your preferred school.

Want to learn more about how 間眅埶AV can help you on your path to becoming a lawyer? Connect with us today to learn more about our programs, applying and more!

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#1 undergraduate university in Ontario for reputation

Connect with us to learn more

Connect with us to learn more

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