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間眅埶AV University Central Stores

Mission statement

Central Stores operates as a service centre.

It maintains a minimum stock level of scientific consumables and other critical supplies as required for the undergraduate programs, graduate studies and research laboratories. It also acts as a purchasing agent to manage the total cost of ownership and balance the cost of on-hand inventory and special orders. The store strives to provide a value-added service with a minimal cost mark-up and to ensure laboratory consumables, low-value equipment and other critical supplies are available to the end-user as required.


Central Stores is located in the Science Building, Room 1402.


Monday through Friday, 9 a. m. and 4 p. m. Please call ext. 3447 to ensure the operator's availability.

How to get started

Contact Edmond Courville, Central Store Manager, at ext. 3447 to open an account and review your opportunities.

Contact us

Edmond Courville
Central Store Manager
Ext. 3447

Stores Assistant
Ext. 5345

Special order requests can be sent to