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The AQ office does not provide course receipts - proof of payment can be obtained from your MyCampus  student account. 

Frequently Asked Questions
 What is a T2202A?

T2202A is an official statement for income tax purposes of the tuition and fees paid for qualifying courses that are eligible for claim on the income tax return. The form is usually available around the third week of February for the tuition and eligible fees paid in the preceding calendar year.

 How do I get my T2202A form?

You can print your T2202A from MyCampus  T2202A forms are prepared for all students who have paid more than $100 in eligible fees for courses beginning and ending in a particular calendar year. Certain administrative and ancillary fees are not eligible for tax deduction.

 Is the T2202A form mailed to me?

No, the T2202A is not mailed you. Your T2202A form is available online through your Ontario Tech MyCampus  account. You can print your T2202A as often as you like.

 How can I obtain my form if MyCampus Account has been disabled?

You can access your Ontario Tech MyCampus  account from any computer that has a web browser. Once logged in, Instructions for viewing your T2202A form are available. If your MyCampus account has been closed, simply contact IT Services at 905.721.8668 ext. 3333 and select option one to speak to an attendant who will assist you with re-establishing your access. You will need to provide your 9 digit student number.