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Fundamentals of Leadership


Enhance your leadership skills to engage and empower staff, build high performing teams, and lead/manage effectively with the Fundamentals of Leadership course. Learn about different types of leadership and leadership tools in order to build your leadership toolkit. This course will help you become a stronger and more effective leader by teaching you how to assess situations and adapt your leadership style in different contexts to become an exceptional leader for your team.

This course applies to the Professional Management Certificate Program.

Who should attend?

You may use the knowledge and skills developed through this course to improve the effectiveness of your leadership, such as:

  • Executives, managers/supervisors, team and project leaders;
  • Organization strategists and planners;
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners; 
  • Experienced and emerging leaders; and
  • Anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

What you'll learn:

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the the role of leaders and the concept of leadership, how our views of leadership have changed, and current approaches to leadership;
  • Understand the impact of leader, context, and follower upon leadership effectiveness;
  • Identify, understand and differentiate between different types of leadership and assess which type of leadership is best suited for a particular situation;
  • Apply a variety of key tools used by transformational leaders to engage and empower staff, build high performing teams, and lead/manage effectively;
  • Employ an effective model of coaching to help solve problems, show care, encourage breakthroughs, and improve performance; and
  • Develop leadership skill-sets and mindsets.

 Fall 2023:

Fundamentals of Leadership (Part 1) Tuesday September 29, 2023 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Fundamentals of Leadership (Part 2) Thursday September 31, 2023 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

*Schedule is subject to change.

Registration is open to all!

COVID-19 update: All Continuous Learning sessions are being offered online until further notice. Online participation instructions will be emailed to registered learners before the start of their courses/workshops. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Online meeting times

This program has online meeting times. This means you must attend the virtual class at the specified date and time (see the Schedule tab).

Google Meet or Kaltura Virtual Classroom (through Catalog) will be used for online delivery of this program to support interaction and engagement.

This course may include, but is not limited to:

  • Content presentations and/or videos;
  • Hands-on exercises;
  • Case discussions and simulations;
  • Group and individual work (assignments/quizzes);
  • Concept and topic discussions; and
  • Topic reflections.

Technology requirements

Video conferencing

Online learning requirements:

  • Computer or device with internet access
  • Stable internet or data connection
  • Microphone
  • Webcam*
  • Audio device (examples: speakers, headphones/earbuds, headset)

*Webcam is preferred but not required.

Material requirements

There are no additional materials required for this program. 


$450 CAD for the course + HST


The Alumni/Staff Discount applies to registration in this full program and these individual classes.

If you are alumni or staff, contact with your Student/Banner ID before registering for details about how to apply this discount.


You can register for this course through the secure online registration form. All course fees must be paid at the time of registration.

To successfully complete the course, you must:

  • Register and make full payment for the course;
  • Attend all course meeting times; 
  • Actively participate in all components of the course; and
  • Successfully complete any assigned work.

This is a  Continuing Education Program accredited course.

If you are taking this course to satisfy RIBO Continuing Education Program requirements, please contact before the end of the course so you can be provided with applicable documentation for your records.

Please note that for RIBO spot check purposes, individuals must maintain the continuing education certificates/letters for 5 years to indicate compliance with the Continuing Education Program.

This is an open enrolment course.

Those completing 間眅埶AV University Continuous Learning open enrolment offerings (e.g. certificate programs, courses, workshops, microcertifications, etc.) are subject to the policies of 間眅埶AV University and Continuous Learning. 間眅埶AV policies can be found in the . Continuous Learning policies can be found in the Regulations section of the Continuous Learning website. Specifically, those completing open enrolment offerings are expected to adhere to the General and Open enrolment regulations.

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 Registration Status
2023 Registration:


Fall 2023: Tuesday September 29 and Thursday September 31, 2023  

Course completion**

**Applies to the Professional Management Certificate Program

$450 CAD for course + HST 

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