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Cy Charney

CyCy Charney, President of Charney and Associates Inc. and the founder of The Leadership Institute (.ca). He is a leading consultant in the area of organizational performance. Cy has developed a variety of unique interventions to help organizations in both the private and public sector become leaders in their field. His clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies and government departments around the world. Cy is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. He delivers a practical approach with enthusiasm, energy and a sense of humour. He is also a seasoned trainer who customizes a variety of programs always with the intention of adding value to internal and external customers. Cy is a member of the faculty of six Canadian Business Schools where he teaches both at the academic level and for executives. Cy has published over forty articles and is the author of nine management books. His most recent publication is Just-In-Time Management: Over 950 skills your MBA professor didn't teach you. He is frequently quoted in the media and has been referred to in such prestigious publications as Fortune Magazine, The Harvard Management Communication Letter and The Globe and Mail. Cy has an undergraduate Arts degree in psychology, a Masters in Business Leadership and a P.Admin. designation from The Institute of Charted Secretaries and Administrators in Canada.