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Alertus app

The Alertus App is our primary channel to inform students, faculty and staff of high- priority, active threats on campus that have the potential to affect their immediate safety (such as secure and hold or urgent evacuation).

In an emergency, we will communicate through as many channels as possible, including:

  • Alertus App
  • Alertus beacon
  • Alertus desktop notification
  • Lockdown External Audible Alarm (LEAA)
  • ԰AV App (download on the  or )
  • Social media (, and )
  • University-issued email
    • (
    • (
  • – main page
  • Digital signs throughout campus buildings

If you hear or see any notifications, respond immediately and follow the directions of Campus Security.

The  Alertus Mobile App is available for all iPhone and Android mobile devices as a free app download. Setup is quick and easy. Alertus can be used by anyone from within or outside the campus community.

  • 1. Download Alertus

    Search for the Alertus app within the App Store or Google Play Store, and download it to your mobile device.

    Alternatively, use the QR codes or select the links below to download Alertus for:


    How the Alertus app appears within the App Store

  • 2. Install and register the app

    When prompted, enter the campus organization code and PIN, plus a valid email address.

    • Organization code: cirens
    • PIN: 226116

    See a .

    For detailed instructions, download the installation guide for:

  • 3. Confirm your account
    An email confirmation will be sent to your email account. Open the link in the email to verify your Alertus account.
  • 4. Confirm your password

    The system may ask you to confirm a password. Enter the original PIN: 226116. Once the PIN is entered, you will be directed to the Alertus app home page to set up your notifications to properly receive alerts.

    How the alertus app homepage appears on a mobile phone

  • 5. Subscribe to the Campus Target Mobile Group

    When prompted to subscribe to a group, select Campus Targeted Mobile Group an enter the original PIN: 226116.

    Alertus group subscription screen shot

  • 6. Recommended Alertus configurations
    • Allow notifications
    • Include banners and lock screen
    • Banner style: Persistent
    • Sounds: On
    • Show previews: Always

    the recommended configurations for the Alertus app

Alertus beacon

In certain areas of campus where it is determined public address announcements are not sufficient (e.g. Library) or in labs and areas where a computer is not readily available, an Alertus beacon device may be installed on a wall.

When the beacon is activated, a lighting system will flash, a high-pitched alarm will sound, and messaging will appear in the text area.

When the system is activated:

  • Follow the emergency guidelines.
  • Listen for further directions from Campus Security.

Alertus desktop

In the event of an emergency on campus CIRENS may send a signal to network computers advising of the emergency.

When the system is activated:

  • Follow the emergency guidelines.
  • Listen for further directions from Campus Security.

Lockdown External Audible Alarm

Lockdown external audible alarm (LEAA) alerts anyone outdoors on campus of a lockdown situation within the campus buildings. .

LEAA will only be activated to alert the community about an immediate, active threat and will only be audible outdoors on campus in areas such as the bus loop, parking lot, Charles Hall, etc.

When you hear the alarm:

  • Attempt to flee the campus if you are in immediate danger.
  • Avoid entering the buildings, unless safe to do so, and then immediately follow lockdown guidelines