About Us

Teardrop72.com began as a simple idea in 2004 to build one teardrop trailer.  After an extended research period and an exhausting hunt for the ideal set of construction plans, Preston (the owner) developed a set of plans that uniquely accomplished everything he desired in a teardrop.  Others soon took notice of the attractive curves and functional attributes of the design.  Requests for custom builds began to accrue and Teardrop72 was born.

Since 2004 Preston has worked directly with numerous customers in accommodating their custom build requests while leveraging his teardrop platform.  All Teardrop72 trailers are built in house from the axle to the roof rack, ensuring we can accommodate even the most interesting ideas for your project.  We also carry a feature rich show room model on hand for our customers to view in person.  Our show room teardrop trailer is also available for immediate purchase.

We all have an interesting story as to how we discovered and have come to love teardrop trailers.  I would enjoy hearing your story.  Please contact me today to discuss how Teardrop72 can help fulfill your teardrop dream.

Preston B.